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SESSION 1: Assessing Current Reality

In Session 01 of the Acts 2 Journey video cohort, Alton Garrison, Ron McManus, and Mike Clarensau establish the foundation for the Acts 2 Journey cohort and help teams to determine where they see their church in its current life cycle.

Following the assessment, the Acts 2 Journey team shares stories of transformation and offers the invitation for leaders to take a leap of faith into the church’s new future and build a bridge of hope that the congregation can walk across.

  • Every pastor needs a team.

As you walk through this series of videos and accompanying resources, be sure to include a group of lay leaders, board, and staff—people who care, believe, think, and dream about the church’s future

  • Honest assessment provides the “burning platform” from which to launch an effective change journey.

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The Textbook for the Journey