Price Individual Session

SESSION 2: Mission and Vision

In Session 02 of the Acts 2 Journey video cohort, teams work together to answer the first two of the ten questions:

  1. Why do we exist as a church?
  2. Where are we going?

The Acts 2 Journey team leads a series of group exercises designed to help stir the team’s passion. Alton Garrison, Ron McManus, and Mike Clarensau sit down to discuss how to encapsulate each team’s work into a unique, guiding vision statement for the church.

  • God has a unique, Spirit-empowered dynamic for every congregation

    Lost vision in the pew is the primary cause of plateau in the local church.
    Because we believe in the uniqueness of each church’s journey, there isn’t a local church who can’t do this! The Acts 2 Journey experience fits every church because it is their journey we are walking, and we are determined to help pastors and leaders discover the path and the vision they were meant to pursue.

The Textbook for the Journey