Price Individual Session

SESSION 3: Core Values

In Session 03 of the Acts 2 Journey video cohort, teams consider the third of the ten questions, which deals with the church’s culture:

  1. How will we behave?

In this series of videos, Alton Garrison, Ron McManus, and Mike Clarensau examine the development of church culture and the importance of clarifying and living out core values that undergird the vision.

  • Aligning values and strategies around a clear vision will most effectively propel the local church toward the fulfillment of Christ’s mission.

    While finding clear vision is essential to launching a new lifecycle for your local church, it’s also the easiest part. The greater work comes when we begin defining what it will take to get there. Identifying values that can create a new culture and strategies that can aim our best efforts toward the path we hope to travel are the greater challenge.

    We start with values, both existing and aspirational, and likely discover some of what’s been hindering our efforts in the past. Armed with these new ways to reshape our culture, we then turn to the steps it will take to get there.

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