Price Individual Session

SESSION 4: Strategic Planning

Armed with new ways to reshape our culture discovered in Session 3, we then turn to the steps it will take to become the church God intends us to be.

In Session 04 of the Acts 2 Journey video cohort, Alton Garrison, Ron McManus, and Mike Clarensau discuss the remaining ten questions and assist teams in responding to key strategic questions that help shape key steps in evangelism, assimilation, discipleship, gift-oriented ministry, and worship.

  • Strategy and the pursuit of the Spirit are not in opposition, but each requires the other to fulfill one’s purpose.

    In the A2J experience, we ask questions and seek their answers, but those answers aren’t our own. Vision, values, and the plans we will make can’t afford to be mere products of our own thinking. Instead, we emphasize seeking God’s direction together and listening to how He guides our collective thoughts and plans.

  • Every local church is designed for His mission, every pastor is in place for this moment, and every individual has gifts and abilities to be sued to strengthen His church.

    The A2J experience is all about the pursuit of a Spirit-inspired future we have yet to achieve or experience. Certainly, the past isn’t disregarded as it provides our foundation. In fact, we are always three congregations in one—the church we have been, the church we’re becoming, and the church we will one day be.

The Textbook for the Journey