Price Individual Session

SESSION 5: Communication and Launch

The Acts 2 Journey team offers suggestions and best practices for launching the newly developed vision, values, and strategy to the congregation.

“Vision Sunday” plays a major role. However, like the journey itself, Vision Sunday is a process, not an isolated event. Initiating the plan must be strengthened by preparatory steps with leaders, ongoing repetition of messaging, and effective use of the pulpit to map out the journey ahead and invite the congregation’s full participation.

  • Communication is critical.

    Intentional communication is the backbone of any effective change journey. In the A2J experience, teams will develop and practice their presentations, develop print pieces to support their communications, and learn best practices for nurturing excitement for the vision God has given. Since these plans have been made by a team of key influencers rather than just the ideas of a single leader, there’s already a sense of “we” and “us” that will aid congregational buy-in and allow the enthusiasm to spread quickly.

The Textbook for the Journey