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Hydrate Power Pack: 8 Goals of KidMin

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What if churches and homes across the nation would focus their attention on helping every child who is a follower of Christ attain eight simple goals before they transition out of children’s ministry?
1.    Powerful in Prayer
2.    Responsive in Worship
3.    Spirit Empowered
4.    Biblically Fluent
5.    Actively Serving
6.    Bold in Faith
7.    Giving Selflessly
8.    Living Like Christ
These 12 “Hydrate” sessions will introduce you to the 8 Goals of Kids Ministry while equipping you with information and practical ways to instill each goal in the lives of the children who attend your church.

  • The Importance of GOALS in Your Ministry
  • Building Deep Faith
  • A Road Trip: The Value of Scope and Sequence
  • Staying the Course
  • Powerful in Prayer
  • Responsive in Worship
  • Biblically Fluent
  • Spirit-Empowered
  • Giving Selflessly
  • Actively Serving
  • Bold in Faith
  • Living Like Christ