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Hydrate Power Pack: Early Childhood

A $75 Value - Save 35%

How do we make our time with the littlest ones in our ministry intentional?

How do we go beyond babysitting to discipling?

Learn practical ways to lead your early childhood ministry well and make your time with infants and preschoolers impactful. Hear from ministry experts Nicole McAninch, Child and Family Studies professor at Baylor University; Tina Houser, author and preschool ministry specialist; Melissa Wazbinski, preschool ministry specialist, and Lori Eilers, veteran early childhood and children’s pastor.

Includes 5 videos, worksheets, and a script for training the leaders in your ministry!

  • The Lasting Impact of Early Childhood Ministry – Nicole McAninch (7:53)
  • Effective Nursery Ministry – Tina Houser (17:46)
  • Taking Nursery from Childcare to Teaching – Lori Eilers (10:00)
  • Praying with Preschoolers – Tina Houser (16:54)
  • Leading Preschoolers in Worship – Melissa Wazbinski (10:59)