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Hydrate Power Pack: Early Childhood

A $60 Value - Save 20%

"In the race to a child's heart, the first one there wins." 
Quality nursery and pre-school ministry is vital to the health and growth of any church!  Research shows that the early years of a person's life are the most critical...especially the first 3 years. Which means that it is one of the most critical age groups when it comes to spiritual formation. What happens during this developmental stage will largely shape who they are and what they believe for the rest of their lives.
These “Hydrate” Early Childhood teaching sessions will help you effectively lead Nursery and Preschool ministries that leave a lasting impact.

  • The Lasting Impact of Early Childhood Ministry
  • Effective Nursery Ministry
  • Taking Nursery from Childcare to Teaching
  • Praying with Preschoolers