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Matthew Question-Pro / Writer

Bible Quiz is a vibrant discipleship ministry that helps teens develop a hunger for the Word of God and an understanding that its truth can guide them daily. Youth in grades six through twelve expand their knowledge of the Bible and memorize portions of Scripture.

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This amazing program allows coaches to create custom sets for both practice and individual study. Choose only 10-pointers for beginning quizzers, or quotation questions for veterans. Select by point value, question type, and chapter range. Question-Pro monitors questions already used and includes printing capabilities. It also comes with two databases of practice questions containing over 2,000 questions! Includes Question-Writer, which allows coaches to create and modify their own question databases, which can then be loaded into Question-Pro. Unique words and misspelled words are automatically highlighted as you type.

  • One-time purchase for PC
  • Requires Windows 10/8/7
  • Licensed for team use

Product Details

Platform: Download
Publisher: Bible Quiz Shop
System Requirements: Internet access and Windows 10/8/7 (other operating systems not currently supported).
Note: A printer is required to use some features.
Team License: Permission is granted to share the program with up to five users from a single church.