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Tru Fire Blessings: Spring

Spring Curriculum

Age level: 3 Years Old

Tru Fire Blessings is a curriculum designed for 3-year-olds that teaches children that God made them, God loves them, and God is with them through fun, interactive storytelling and tactile exploration stations. Kids worship and celebrate God together and receive a blessing to ask God’s Spirit to overflow from the child’s life in such a way that they bless others.


Included in Tru Fire Blessings:

  • Leaders Guide for each lesson
  • Lesson Resources
    • Coloring sheets
    • Storytelling images
    • Discussion questions
    • Activity enhancements: templates and games
    • At Home Weekly for each lesson

Ways to download

  • Lessons: Weekly download with the leader guide and all the resources you need
  • Leader guide: Quick download with just the leader guide
  • Resources: One-time download for quarterly resources