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Tru Fire Identity Genesis

Age level: Middle School

Pub. Date: 6/12/2017

Scope and sequence: 8 weeks


Tru Fire Identity empowers middle school students to own their faith as they seek and respond to God, finding their identity in Him.

Genesis is an 8-week series that introduces students to the first book of God's grand redemptive narrative as more than a collection of Sunday school stories, but the beginning of one continuous epic storyline of a redeeming, loving God. They'll be humbled to discover this story is not about them, but in exploring the beginning of God's story for themselves, they'll be empowered to know they have a significant part to play. In studying Genesis, students will embark on a journey for a closer look at the God who created and the real people to whom He chose to reveal Himself and His plan for redemption. The issues of brokenness illustrated teach us how to relate to God and to one another because brokenness affects each of us personally.

Components of a Tru Fire Identity Lesson:
  • Connect with Faith Community: Students engage with leaders and one another through activities, questions, and personal testimonies.
  • Connect with God: Students connect with God through His Word, worship, and an intentional time of silence as they learn to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Teach: Students encounter God, discover His character, explore His redemptive narrative, and hear from the Holy Spirit through relevant messages and innovative videos. Lessons are designed with comprehensive commentary and an exegetical teaching outline so leaders can prepare messages for their students.
  • Respond: Students are encouraged to respond to God’s Spirit and what He is teaching them as they participate in discussions with their peers and leaders.
  • Bless: Through prayer, a portion of Scripture, and words of encouragement, students are sent home with a blessing for their week.
Included in Tru Fire Identity:
  • Customizable lessons
  • Weekly videos to set up and frame the lesson
  • At Home Weekly: A resource that equips parents to introduce the weekly God- centered topic and spend time together in God’s Word, prayer, and providing a blessing. Students will come to a Tru Fire Identity lesson ready to continue conversations about God that began at home.