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Heart of Fine Arts

Students don't always know what their God-given gifts are or how to use them. The Heart of Fine Arts small group series is designed to help students discover, develop, and deploy their talents so they can feel confident and self-assured when they have the opportunity to share the gospel.


Sample Lesson


What’s Included?

  • Six video sessions
  • Leader guides with discussion questions and activities
  • Student takeaways
  • Social media postables

Sessions Include:

1.     Discover Your Identity 

        Explore how God sees you. 


2.     Discover Your Gifts

        Identify your interests and talents. 


3.     Develop Your Passion

        Become the disciple Jesus calls you to be. 


4.     Develop Your Gifts

         Value critiques to achieve excellence. 


5.     Deploy Your Mission

        Share the gospel through your gifts. 


6.     Deploy Your Gifts

        Create opportunities to use your gifts.

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